Health & Safety Action Plan in response to COVID-19

Effective Immediately: The following safety steps will be placed into action for the health and well-being of the staff and patrons of Petite G Jewelers located at 5609 North Illinois Street Indianapolis IN 46208.

  1. All staff will be required to wear masks and gloves while present in the showroom and while interacting with patrons of our establishment.
  2. Staff will be required to inform management/ownership if they are exhibiting any symptoms including but not limited to: fever, sore throat, runny nose, dry or productive cough, body aches, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. and will be quickly sent home and monitored on a daily basis until it is safe for return to regularly assigned duties.
  3. Hand sanitizer and soap will be located in multiple locations throughout the establishment and will be regularly encouraged to be used throughout the day.
  4. All hard surfaces including but not limited to: jewelry cases, bathroom & kitchen counters, door handles, light switches, faucets, etc. will be disinfected multiple times each day and at the beginning & end of each shift.
  5. Social distancing (maintaining a 4-6ft distance, when possible) will be adhered to in order to limit the physical interaction between patrons and staff.
  6. A limit of 4 patrons at any one time will be permitted to enter the store until further advisement is handed down by the governing and health administration of Indiana.
  7. Jewelry & watches will be taken in ONLY by staff wearing gloves and will be sanitized upon admittance, no exceptions made.
  8. Computers, laptops, cash registers, jewelry accessories, and any unmentioned equipment will be wiped down with a Clorox wipe or acceptable cleaning solution (60% alcohol or higher) after each major use and such tasks will be accounted for by each staff member prior to leaving their assigned stations.
  9. Fresh paper towels and hand towels will be available at all times for both employees and patrons to limit the cross-contamination between individual staff and patrons.
  10. Any staff that exhibits symptoms indicative of COVID-19 will be forced to quarantine at home for 14 days and will be encouraged to seek medical testing and appropriate care.

This plan is subject to update and will be evaluated on a regular basis to best serve the public health interests of our state, our city, and the neighborhoods surrounding our establishment.